Micro seiki sx111fv- good for beginner??

Saw add for this TT- would this be a good table for someone that does not want to fuss around but come home and play music?- seems like a good value??- any thoughts??
Dear Klk: It is a great TT/tonearm combination, easy to set-up and no fuss in any way. Highly recomended!

Regards and enjoy the music.

I also saw the add for this unit- not much on it when I googled it- How would this unit rate against others in the $6,000 range- Are we looking at trouble buying a unit that the man. is out of bus?- I also would aprreciate any thoughts on this TT- gary
I to lust after such a rig. I would have to guess that after a while no matter how well this unit is built it still is going to need a part or proper maintance. You should find out before a purchase if parts are ready avalible and a tech that knows this unit or Micro Seiki tables. I would serious look at the Mcintosh MT-10 table that is in the same price range used. It seems very well built and simple by members who have this table to set up and maintain and from a company that still in buisness.
I say go for it. If it works now it will work essentially forever, if properly cared for. Check it out in advance, though.