Micro seiki SX-8000 operating manual

Hello, Does anyone have a manual or literature for the SX-8000? I am happy to pay all associated costs. thanks.

Try these guys. www.my-micro.de/micro_home_gb.htm
Dear Scott: How you doing? Congratulations for the incorporation of the Micro Seiki SX-8000 to your audio system.

Which opinion do you have about?

Regards and enjoy the music.
I had followed the development of your system and was interested in your opinion of the SX-8000 almost a year on. Did you ever put in a vibraplane? If so, do you notice a difference?

BTW... If you have found a manual or literature on the SX-8000, I would love to extend the same offer of paying all associated costs for a copy. I've looked everywhere, including on the "my micro" site and german ebay from time to time but have come up with nothing (lost a catalog on Yahoo! Japan's auction site due to a ferocious last-minute snipe).