Micro Seiki RX-1500 Gasket

I have the above turntable with the vacuum attachment and the two flexible rubber gasket that fits up against the LP were destroyed by my Siamese cat, who has now passed into cat heaven.  Does anyone have any idea where I might find something suitable to replace it?   

I tried O-Rings but they are too hard and don't come in the right sizes.   I found lots of various types of foam that could work but LP's are round, not straight lines.    There is a photo of the turntable here, although this one doesn't have the vacuum option and my arm boards are solid brass, not wood:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Micro-Seiki-RX-3000-RY-3300-SME-3012-WE-308L-MA505-AT6006-SERVICED/11349140...   

The round gaskets would fit around the outer rim of the LP and outer rim of the label.
These guys in Germany list them as a future product at the bottom of the page, but when they posted that info on the site is a guess, so you may want to /contact ask them , if an when. Most sellers in Japan when available ask absurd prices for a used set. Last ones were in US dollars in the thousands................

Yeah, I have discovered the wild costs for some of this stuff.   I did send the German group an email and asked about the gaskets.   I'll post the response here, if I get one.  

Thanks for the info!
The German group got back to me and mentioned there is a huge interest in replacement gaskets but the tooling cost is so high, that they cannot proceed with having any made.  

However, I did find a potential alternate product.  I found a window gasket at Home Depot and it is very soft, self adhesive, and white.  I think this will work so I will see if I can install it today and report back here.