Micro seiki model SX111 FV

The Platter on the turntabe makes a grinding noise as if it needs lubrication on the spindle.Could anyone please tell me how I can eliminate this problem. How can I lubricate the spindle which appears to be making the grinding noise.Unfortunalty,I do not have the manual.Also how do I get the manual. Thank you so much.
This turntable has an air bearing and uses an air pump. Do not use it without the pump running. You will damage it.
Vinyl Engine has various other Micro Seiki turntable manuals listed, but I didn't see one for the SX111 model. There is a Yahoo group devoted to Micro Seiki, however, and if you join the group perhaps you can get more information, or a link to a manual - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MicroSeiki/ I hope that helps.
Email these folks. http://www.my-micro.de/micro_home_gb.htm
Also try the Vinyl Engine. They have info on tons of TT's