Micro Seiki MAX 282 Arm

Have never seen one. Someone out there who owns it?
I think, most are sold in Japan or probably Europe (I think, Micro Seiki was quite common there)
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Dear Syntax, how many pictures do you want....... many at hand (and an in-deepth test report on teh whole MAX-282 tonearm-system in german).
I will put a MAX-282 into service on my turntable again in late may.
I will mate it with the Takeda...
I had one for a couple of years. Great arm, typical high end Japanese build, sounded very dynamic and lively on my RX-5000. Tried it on an SP-10 Mk2 and my Victor TT-101 as well, but it seemd more at home on the Micro. At the time I was using either a ZYX UNIverse or a Kondo-IOj. Not as good as your Grandezza though, which is on another level and tops for me, and my AC4400 of similar vintage to the 282 is a tad more refined anc controlled.
Dertonarm: all please


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and again

they survived everything I had in my System for lots of years
great photos Syntax.
There was a Max-282 for sale on Audiogon for a while recently. They come up every now and then. To my recollection, the 282 looks exactly the same as the Max-237 but with a longer armpipe.
Syntax, how do you link the pictures?

Hello Chris,

those from the 282?
Yes, I got them. An impressive unit, no doubt. Never had the chance to listen to one of those. Would like to, but honestly, I have enough Arms :)