Micro Seiki MA-505 variants - any oracles around?

I wonder if somebody out there possesses encyclopaedic knowledge about the Micro Seiki MA-505 variants and can tell me:

1. if the MA-505X is similar to a Mk I, Mk II or Mk III?


2. if the MA-505X does indeed have silver wiring and if that's the only difference between it and the regular models?

Fingers crossed and thanks in advance!
BTW the arm on Pioneer Exclussive P3 and related top of the line Pioneer turntables was also designed by Micro Seiki and has some similarity with Micro Seiki MAX-282  
Just to add to the variants of the MA-505 is the 
OEM arm found on Micro Seiki DD-40 turntable, still identified
as an MA-505 although different from the arms sold
on their own. 

Ok, so have any of you used the X version with a Koetsu Cartridge and if so what were your thoughts?
Just about to try my ma505ls with a Koetsu Black Goldline.
In theory it should be ok but will let you know when the Koetsu arrives.
@uberwaltzYou may have posted enough times about this but what turntable are you running the ma 505 last with? I use a MS BL91L (modified a bit) for mine. Please let me know how the Koetsu sounds.