Micro Seiki DDX1000 problems

Hi everyone.... :-)

After years of not having a turntable is my system, I made the decision to
re-visit my 1978 audio system, in particular my Micro Seiki DDX1000.
This time around the plan was to change some things and upgrade the Table
with some modern solutions for better sound. I mass loaded all the cavities with
with lead shots and potting epoxy, the inside of the turntable got layers of dynamat and more lead-shots and epoxy. The final result is truly remarkable
where the whole turntable used to ring and sound incredibly hollow, I now have a turntable that feels hewn from one solid inert piece of metal.

I added a Trans-Fi Terminator Tangential tone arm (what a fantastic piece of gear) making the DDX look very space age indeed.

Now to my problem....
I turned on the table, set the speed, dropped the needle on the record, everything was fine for a minute or so, but suddenly the speed shoot up
and then it was no good until I corrected the speed again :-(

I'm totally bummed as I spent a ton of time and money on this project.
Does someone have a solution to the issue I have

Thanks in advance.

I am only guessing that the added weight through the Tables motor for a loop....only a guess on my part.
No added weight to the platter..
The mass was only in the chassis.
The weird thing is that the tables plays fine for a little bit and then the speed shoots up. On the other hand, if I drag my fingers on the platter while rotating it will hold the speed with no problem.
If the motor controller is from 1978 too it may need an overhaul, capacitors of the electrolytic kind do try up and this thing is 30+ years old.

Best of luck

could also be a voltage regulator that apparently would have electrolytic caps
Does anyone know where I could get this done??
Thank you for all the input... :-)
Peterr53, where you're located?
I'm in the Los Angeles area...
First try moving the speed adjustment dial back and forth a few dozen times.

If it then performs better, look into cleaning the pot.
Tried the back and forth trick...still erratic.

Good news, found a place in Sacramento that do work on everything from
amps to turntables.

Thanks for all the help.

Check out Brooks Berden in Monrovia if that's a drivable distance for you.

Brooks passed away earlier this year, but the shop is still operating (with repair service) from what I've heard.

I live in WHD and that's who I'd use.
I check them out...Thanks
Brooks Berdan still has a full fledged service department.

I'd give Tom a buzz and see if he can get your table back up and running.
Sorry, forgot to mention that they are closed this week but will re-open next Tuesday, Nov. 29th.