Micro Seiki DDX1000

I have a DDX1000 Micro Seiki turntable with a speed regulation instable. I surch the service manual for this; If you have it, please contact me. Excuse me if my english is not very good. Thanks
I have the same turntable. I am sorry I dont have a manual, but maybe u can help me. I need a haedshell for the micro seiki Ma 707 tone arm...would you have one?. John H
I have access to a service manual for the DDX1000. Please let me know your location and I'll see what I can do to get you the relevant detail from the manual.
Hi, Roland. Nice player... It's common that the speed regulation could be instable because of the regulating potentiometer has oxided. Try to clean it by dripping 96% alcohol or some other suitable liquid inside and turn the potentiometer back and forth for ten minutes.