Micro Seiki ddx-1500

What are the sonic qualities of the Micro Seiki ddx-1500 turntable?

Neutral, Warm, Cool? Prat?

Is it lively like many direct drive turntables? I own a Lenco, which I enjoy and was thinking of trying other vintage tables, such as the ddx-1500 or a technics sp10 mk2.

Thanks for your thoughts. Jeff
I had the DDX 1000 and Technics 15 and 25 in the days I was a dealer for those companies. I still believe they are very good tables but it would be speculation to say how they would sound based on my memory of them with long gone systems.
I had the big EMT/Thorens DD tables at home, as well as Technics SP10/2. One day I tried a DDX-1500. The sample that was playing had less PRAT and less bass than a SP10/2, so I rejected it. The big EMT/Thorens DD machines are even better. String driven Micros are in another class, though.

best regards, Hartmut
Thanks. I read in some blog that the DDX-1500 started as a belt drive design. If true, it would seem consistent with being a better string drive than direct drive.

Do you prefer the Micro string drive to the sp10 mk2?
yes indeed, to my ears, Micro string drives are way better than Micro DD, or SP10/2, at least in my home.

best regards, Hartmut
" ... string driven Micros are in another class, though."
What sonic quality do you prefer about the string drive Micros?

Does that hold true for you for all string drives or just he Micros, when compared to the DD drives? Just curious.

Best, Jeff
I have seen a couple of Micro Seiki "ddx-1500 rx" turntables, which confuses me.

Is the ddx-1500 a direct drive than can be made into a string drive by adding an outboard pulley/motor?
Dear Jj2468,

I have read somewhere on the net, the DDX-1500 has a different platter than RX-1500.

I have heard BL-91, BL-111, RX-3000, RX-5000 so far, and I like them all in a way, that they are not in the way of music, so that they could stay at my home for a longer period, while the DDX-1500 was taken out of my stereo setup after an hour.

best regards, Hartmut