Micro Seiki DDX-1000 - Need Help!

I have a Micro Seiki DDX-1000 turntable. I need to re-oil the main bearing, but I cannot figure out how to acces it!! I am getting very boom-y bass from the table, and I'm told that the bearing probably needs oil now that it's 20 years old. In an old archived post, someone mentioned having access to the Service Manual for this table. PLEASE contact me!!! I could also use a copy of the original owner's manual for this table if someone has it. In fact, would ANYONE out there who owns one of these units (or knows about them) please get in touch! Thanks, Joe
You might try an e-mail to one of the Japanese audio specialty houses like Sound Shop Big. Have you tried a search on Micro Seiki?
Email user "grp" he has stated previously that he has a manual.