Micro Seiki DD 40

I am hoping for some first hand opinions on the Micro Seiki DD 40 direct drive table. My brother-in-law is just getting started with analog and likes the vintage aesthetic of the old Micro tables. His budget for a table, cart and phono is about $2k (give or take a few hundred) so I figure a nice clean DD 40 for about $600-700 paired with an Ortofon 2M black cart and the rest for a MM phono stage would sound very good.

Any issues with the DD 40? How well do they hold speed and what do they sound like? How does it perform versus a BL-51 table (costs about the same used)? How about versus some of the nice wood grain Luxmans in that price range?

Also on cartridge matching, are there any other MM or MC carts in the 400-700 range that are a great match for the DD 40?

I have read a lot about but never actually listened to any of the vintage Micros so any thoughts here are appreciated.

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Latin, so long as the original MA-505 arm is included it seems $600-700 would be a very nice deal. I believe that arm alone sells for $500-600 and it is well regarded.