Micro Seiki 5000 or SX-8000 turntables in Chicago?

My good audio buddy Kipdent keeps talking to me about these tables. Does anyone in Chicago own either of these tables? I would love to see and hear them!! I could travel a bit also if need be. Bob
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Anyone use these tables in Chicago? How about the Micro Seiki 1500?
I guess you have to travel to an owner. Could be interesting. USA was never a main market for Micro Seiki (mainly Europe and Asia in its days).
But you can go to Sorasound and listen to this DaVinci Turntable....:-)
I guess you are right. It is hard to believe that no one in the windy city uses this table. Bob
Bob--the solution is easy! Come out to San Diego as we've discussed!
I would if you would ever get that real speaker rebuilt. At that point coming out to see you would be THE solution! Bob