Micro Seiki

Can anyone tell me anything about the Micro Seiki BL-11 turntable? I do not know if it is good or bad in audiophile terms, just that it is a beautiful looking piece of equipment! Thanks!
I am asking info on a BL-91. Sorry for the error.
I use to sell them and used one myself. I would say it is still a very good table.
I have a BL51 and lust after a BL91 so yes I would say a very good turntable. Usually go for a bit though.

If I had to choose one piece of gear that I dearly regret selling it would be the BL-91. Mind you, I love my present WTL, but the BL-91 was different, exciting, delivering a rock solid performance whilst being a downright beautiful piece of gear on top of that. I should have kept it as well, perhaps with a better arm, sigh...