Micro Seico BL91 turntable

I have a Micro Seiko BL91 turntable in like-new condition. There are no scratches on the cover or base. I don't know what model the tone arm and head are. They were with the turntable originally. I put in an Audio Technica AT777 cartridge some years ago. In addition, I have a copper (or bronze) turntable mat and a disc stabilizer. All are in very nice condition. Wonder if anyone has an idea of the value of these items. I am downsizing and one of the last things that I am giving up is my treasured turntable, but there is a time for everything and its time has passed for me. So, I would like to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have. Thanks for reading this long-winded note and thanks for any information you can give me.
This link provides some info on the original arm and specs as well.

Here is an 8/10 BL-91 that sold on US Audio Mart (for some idea of value)
I can get it cheaper than there.
You might get more feedback if you post your question in analog forum!