Micro Mega Stage 1,2 or 3 owners HELP ME

I have the Micro Mega (don't hear it mentioned at all, on the 'gon.'twas highly recommended in Stereophile, which led me to buying it) for the last 6 years, and have been extremely happy with the sound. Maybe ignorance is bliss, because when I hear other CD players, I'm listening to a host of other eletronics, speakers, (you know the deal here) and other stuff. I would love to hear from Micro Mega owners, first hand, (unless of course, audiogoners have some real reliable second hand info) what CD players they, if any, have upgraded to, and what they're hearing now, that wasn't happening before? Thanks in advance, warren
Hello Warren
I used to sell Micromega cd players but there was a reliability issue . They did sound very good , were well made , looked nice and the end user could upgrade the players to the next level using only a screw driver to open the case. After Micromega I switched over to the Naim cd players and I have been very happy ever since.
Could you elaborate a bit more about the differences between the Naim and the Micro Mega? "Being happy" is too general for me. Are the differences like day and night? V Subtle? Stuff like that. You know the audio lingo. Thanks for the timely response.
I have used a micromega stage2 for last eight years and have never felt the need to ugrade.The transport sticking can easily be remedied by cleaning and re-lubricating the transport as micromega used the wrong sort of lube which dries out and causes tracking (reliabilty?)problems.I hope this will help many owners out there who think the micro mega was badily designed. So if you find one going cheap just grab it,you know what to do.
I have had a Micromega Stage2 for eight years. Past two years it has been collecting dust in my living room with a faulty laser unit, which is no longer in stock with Philips according to my local Philips repair service.

I sadly miss the lush, warm, enticing sound from the Stage2, but it had a tendency to refuse playing some disks, that would play faultlessly in other players. My system consisted of Naim Pre and Power amps, B&W speakers, which with the Stage2 sounded excellent.

Any information on how and where to find a working laser unit for my Stage2 would be most welcome.
I had a Micromega Stage 2 for 7 years. It was wonderful. The operative word is WAS. I've owned the Audio Aero Prima, now, for four months. BMW 540 compared to a Maxima. Guess which? Case closed. Chuck that baby and move to the light. peace, warren
Hello, if your drive mechanism Philips CDM 12.4 is same as my Drive 1, it can be an easy fix. I ordered it from Grandata (UK) at GBP 22, either laser head only or laser head plus drive. The first head was weak and I sent back for replacment and it came with complete drive assembly. The assembly is easier to work with than head alone, just remove the holding plastic holdings from the drive and snap again.

It worked finally except one disc which has some scratches and may be recording too near the centre.


I have a MM Stage 5, hooked up to Micromega BS2 D/A converter. In between that, I use a Monarchy Audio 24/96 reclocking/de-jitter box connected with 2 sets of HT Cyberlink Platinum. For old technology, it sounds absolutely fabulous - it has good depth and width, as well as exceptional soundstaging. If you're into a budget upgrade, this is a good way to go without sinking vast amounts of money into technology that is still evolving.

MicroMega Stage 3. Cleaning and relubricating. How? What kind of lube. Please be more specific - -- as in a real "novice"


Skip Niemierzycki
MicroMega Stage 3. Cleaning and relubricating. How? What kind of lube. Please be more specific, and bring it down to the "novice" level, please!


Skip Niemierzycki