Micro Benz S Class cartridges

Does anyone have firsthand knowledge about the new Benz line trending toward the more detailed or "brighter" side and away from their historic grainless, neutral musicality? Are they following a trend to create "presence" at the expense of tone?
I've been using the Benz Ebony L cartridge for some time now and I believe it was the first S-class cartridge available in the USA.

No, it does not lean to the "brighter" hyper-detailed side. I will say that it is the most musically natural sounding cartridge I've ever used and that the level of transparency is exceptional.

It is, however, pretty finicky about the tracking force and the VTA setting, but once you get it right -- WOW -- you're in for quite a treat!
I agree Plato. I have a Benz Ebony LP (not S class). It is a great cartridge at any number of VTF settings, however, there is ONE setting that makes it a KILLER. Careful setup will reveal great heights in pleasure.

I'm enjoying the Benz LP. Thanks for the recommendation. I haven't even gotten it broken in yet let alone coming across this magical VTF but it does float an impressive soundstage already. I don't know if the S-class improves significantly on this but I can wait 2000 playing hours or so to find out.
Boy would I love to know if the 2000 dollars to upgrade to the S class is worth it. ..just an idea Sonofjim...do you live in Arizona, and are you using a VPI 10.5i?? ..just a thought.
I don't live in Arizona(West Des Moines, Iowa) but I do use the 10.5i. I bought a spare arm wand when I got the Benz LP so I could keep my 90x mounted and aligned. So far though, I haven't felt the desire to take the Benz off. As it breaks in, I'm sure it will get even better. I'm also going to try aligning with the MintLP best tractor soon. It's nice to know that the S upgrade is available but I think I can hold off on that until I'm close to needing a retip. If you decide to take the plunge, be sure to post your findings. You may change my mind.
also.. let me know if the Mint protractor adds anything to your VPI tractor setup. Personally, I suspect not, but I haven't used a Mint.
My main reason, other than the recommendations of others, for trying the MintLP tractor is that my VPI jig never seems to lay flat on the platter. I'm thinking the glass tractor should lay flat and I'll trust my results more. It should also be easier to visualize alignment with the mirrored surface. I have nothing against VPI's method at all. I just don't trust my particular jig. Sorry Ebush. I didn't mean to turn your thread into another tractor dicussion. I will report on the results of this alignment method with the Benz LP.

although the latest Benzs are more neutral than in the past I wouldn't characterize their historical sound as neutral, more like big bottomed and rich. There are certainly more neutral cartridges with cleaner bass.
I am sure Harry would send you another that lies flat.
I appreciate all your comments about the S class. Appears that vta is a defining issue on tonal balance. If anyone logs onto this thread with more data points on the S "evolution" it will be welcome.
Ebush..not true. I am using my Ebony LP with a VPI 10.5i. This arm is extremely easy to set VTA, change, and reset. I find that changing VTA has minimal effect with this cartridge...however. finding that exact VTF makes all the difference. When found, the picture snaps into perfect focus. No the lows are not pronounced...however, it's very easy to follow the bass line. One of the things this cartridge does so well is that extraordinary clarity throughout the frequency spectrum. The lows contribute mightily to the event - they are rhythmic with remarkable stopping power between the notes. The highs are silky sweet...but oh that midrange. You get this extraordinary accounting of the performance plus a huge wide and deep sounstage. I also had an Ebony high output, and it was nearly the same..really very little difference, once I found that magic VTF. I encourage anyone with a Benz ( I don't know their lesser models- but experiment) to experiment with the VTF.