Micrex R1 Valve Preamp

Gday guys
I recently spotted one of these pre-amplifiers at a audio store in the traded section , as far as i know they are a design of Mick Maloney of Supratek (Micrex was his company before starting Supratek ) , there is very little info on the web in regards to the R1 except that the matching power amp released at the same time was a valve/mosfet hybrid 70wpc design. I thought i may try get some views from you good folk on the performance of this preamp and maybe a owner here that could comment on there experience with it . The reason i ask is i thought about matching it with a solid state power amp . Any owners in the group here ?


Thanks for the link Mofi
Any owners here that have experience with the R1 ?
Supratek have a good reputation and was looking
for some owners views on the performance of the R1.


Ok fellas this is the specs on the Micrex R1 valve Preamp

Output Impedance: <2K Ohms
Distortion: <-0.01% (1Vpp)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-100kHz (-3dB)
Hum & Noise: <-86dB unweighted
Stability: Unconditional

And this is the spec for the Redgum Audio power amp i have at this time which i wish to mate with the Micrex R1 valve preamp.

RG120ENRm - 155+ 155 Watt/Ch RMS (293 + 293 W RMS - transient)
Harmonic Distortion: less than .009% (below Clipping)
Intermodulation Distortion: less than .005% (below Clipping)
Signal to noise: greater than 100dB
Input Impedance: 10K ohms (matches 600 ohms - 50K ohms)
Slew Rate: greater than 65Volt / microsecond
Damping Factor >800
Frequency Response: 0.8 Hz to 80KHz (-3dB points)
Peak Current: greater than 120 amps.

I have little understanding of how impedence calculations are made and looking at the Micrex R1 preamp and the specs on the Redgum Audio power amp , would they be a synergistic match ?.
any technical minded members able to advise.

Cheers Phil.