Micntosh MX 121 claims to 24/192 music but how?

I have a McIntosh MX121 Processor connected to my PC via HDMI. (I also tried over SPDIF) Sound card in the PC is capable of sending 24/192 signal over the HDMI. I am using JRiver software to play all audio FLAC files. But I cannot send a signal over 24/96. I asked several time McIntosh this question but never got a response. There MX121 Brochure say's it can play 24 bit / 192KHZ file, question is how. Every time I try sending signal 24/192 it drops down to 24/96. Any advice?
Please ignore this post, finally I got the answer from Mcintosh. Apparently their HDMI does not support 24/192, several SPDIF's also have limitation of up 96 khz, according to McIntosh. So thaey recommended me to buy HiFace usb to optical adapter.
Hiface makes usb to coaxial rca or bnc.
Hello Friend:
Can you forward me this communication from McInstosh through email to carlos@orbitechpr.com? I'd really like to follow up with them some details.