Michi P5 Preamp Tone control Distortion

Thanks for the response @imhififan 
when I enable tone control and there’s nothing playing I can hear high distortion from both speakers like 8-10 feet away 
When I disable tone control preamp is dead silent I have try 3 different amps different plugs different power cords
the only is disable or turn off  tone or zero volume I have try 5 different sources all the same 
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When I disable tone control preamp is dead silent I have try 3 different amps different plugs different power cords
the only is disable or turn off  tone or zero volume I have try 5 different sources all the same
You did all diagnose, time to send it for service/repair

I have the exact same issue with my Michi P5 bought 1 month or so ago, dead silent with no tone control and hum or noise like sound from the speakers with tone control on.

Wonder if this can be fixed with a firmware update or have to swap out the unit, have to reach out to my dealer to see if their demo unit has the same issues.
They ship me new replacement but the same issues update the software same issue 
they email me recently with this:


Hello Tony,

Sorry for the delay. Rotel have informed us there is something they are looking into that may relate to the issue you experienced. We would still like to provide you with the replacement Michi P5 and ask you to immediately notify us, if you experience the same issue that we were not able to test due to local government corona virus mandate .

Kind regards,
Bowers & Wilkins

hopefully they will figure it out I really love this preamp looks so gorgeous compare with my previous Parasound P6 lol 😂 
@lordrootman Thank you for the update, given the current situation I am not in a panic to get it replaced and I figured this would not be an isolated issue. The pre amp is absolutely gorgeous otherwise sound quality, the built in DAC is very good the total package is beautiful and I am looking to keep it for a very long time.

Please keep me in the loop I will be contacting my dealer next week just to let them know
theres a new software available I think version is 1.8
i download and try it same issue 

 I got this email this morning 

Hello Tony,

Please visit our web site to download software update for your Michi P5 that is intended to address the Tone Control noise issue.

Kind regards,
Bowers & Wilkins


Thank you for the update will have to check it out, don't have a network connection near the amp so will have to get a router bridge or extender.

So I am guessing the new firmware didn't solve the problem?


Update can be done through the USB port too I forgot about it. BTW did you do a factory reset after doing the firmware update as its recommended in the manual.
@jiya3600 Yes I did reset to factory but no any improvement on distortion 
do you see any improvement on distortion or noise ?

I just did the firmware update, did a full reset & reboot issue not resolved. I tried every single input as soon as the tone control is engaged for that particular input there is hum and distortion from both channels. The hum and distortion is not very loud but it's there no both channels.

As soon as I disengage tone control and put any input in direct mode completely silent. Don't know what to do at this time!

I Have the P5 and wasn't aware of this problem. I have never tried the tone controls, I'm surprised so many of you are using tone controls. 
can you try tone control 
you don’t have to use it just turn on and see if you can hear any distortion hissy or hum 
@jiya3600 jiya3600

Did you ever get your tone control problem fixed?  

I just bought a used Michi P5 and I am not having your problem but another serious issue.  Just wondering what your experience has ultimately been with their support/customer service.

Unfortunately, I am not original owner but I'm about to go back to the person who sold me the Michi. 

Thank you 
Customer service sucks 
you need to return it 
it was B&W who handle Rotel and Michi product here in US but now they have a new distributor SUMIKO 
according to the SUMIKO and my Dealer all the Michi P5 with 120V has affected with tone control issues and they’re going to start working on them this month AUGUST 
your best Bet  is contact your dealer And since you’re not original is complicated 

we have Rotel Michi page in Facebook 
you can check it out   https://www.facebook.com/groups/384918068350254/?ref=shareAsk questions and actual owners may help you out 
@lordrootman Thanks for the update; it seems to be a bad situation but I appreciate your response none the less.  Yes, not being the original owner is likely going to put me in a bad spot.

Even Rotel preamp lines carry exact same unsolved tone control humming issue as well. I had RC-1590 and RC-1572 both have same problem but no further firmware update to address it. I guess nobody cares about it ...

@larrymanadgn you’re exactly right I have RC1590 too and is piece of crap it will make a loud pop sound when my ceiling fan is turned on and off 
makes all this unnecessary hum noise 
aesthetically Rotel makes gorgeous looking  products especially when I compare with my previous Parasound P6  but they’re crap