Michell turn table upgrades

I need some help. I have a Gyrodec SE and am interested in the Gert Pederson upgrades. I have looked at his website and tried to send an e-mail using the link but it keeps getting returned. Does anyone have an alternative way to get in contact with him or anyone in the USA that sells his products. Thanks for your help.
FYI. If you are looking at the armboard upgrade, Michell now offers something similar as well. I had ordered the upgrade for my Orbe SE. You can get it throught Artech, the North America distributor.

I like the sound, but with the upgrade, you will hear feedback whenever the LP is rubbing against the spindle (when you take the LP off, or put it on). It's usually not an issue if you put your phonostage on mute when you do this, but there were occassions when I forget to mute it and I can hear the noise coming through the speakers.

let it be.