Michell Transcriptor turntable needs repair U.S.

Does anyone know of a reputable repair shop in the US for this turntable? Someone that is close to St. Louis, MO?
Try these guys.
Zaw Winn He knows TT very well.
Jeff is also a very good tech.Also knows tables
Mike at MJM is also a very knowledgeable about Analog and a very good tech.
You can catch him at the Audio Circle (GAS circle).
You also could try talking to Mike Pranka The Well Tempered/Dynavector rep. Also at Audio Circle. Try asking over there and you should get some help.
I bought a Skeleton a few weeks back.... but FED-EX shattered the Plinth... of course the bottom with all the holes.

Now I've paid for a new one from Transcriptors.eu.... and no word for a month.

Any chance you could help a fellow Transcriptor enthusiast and create a sketch of the bottom glass... so we can have the ability of solving mine and future "problems"...

I'm not sure how to make it worth your time... but if taken apart it would be surely appreciated.