Michell Tonearm Decoupling Kit- Anyone?

I just noticed that Michell sells a Decoupling Kit for the Gyro/Orbe arm boards. I am curious to know if anyone has tried it and what their take on it was. I have always felt if my Orbe/Graham combo was subject to added HF emphasis due to non dissipated energy from the cart. or the bearing. I was never happy with the arm board set up.
I added the kit to my Gyro SE with Technoarm. It was a very easy install. Even I could do it! But honestly, I can't tell any difference in sound quality. But mentally, I feel better about doing it because it was cheap, easy to do, and I trust Michell engineering in what they are doing in offering available upgrades for their products. I can certainly discern a positive sound quality benefit after adding the HR power supply unit and Orbe screw-down clam upgrade.
I put a reply on your other post. Have you ever tried not using the clamp? When I first bought my Orbe I did a with/without trial and found the clamp superior. Years later, I began experimenting with platter mats and found that a mat was superior to the plain platter. Then I tried no clamp. Wow. Air, soundstage, just doubled. I had done these trials all before but now they all did a 180. I only use the clamp for warped LP's. I now use a Gyro platter nut (flat top lies below platter) so I can use a mat.