Michell Tecnodec upgrade?

I am the happy owner of a Tecnodec with RB250 (modded with VTF adjuster, Tecnoweight, and Incognito re-wire). I also have the HR power supply. I am considering the Gyro SE and/or Tecnoarm as an upgrade. What path would you take: Upgrade to the Gyro SE first and continue with the arm I already have, or keep the Tecnodec for now and buy a Tecnoarm? Or, just bite the bullet and go for it all at once? What would be the improvements of the Gyro SE and Tecnoarm over my current setup? By the way, my cartridge is a Lyra Dorian and phono stage is an Eastern Electric Minimax. Thanks in advance... Jim
I have the Gyro SE - Tecnoarm with a Van Den Hul Frog. It is one outstanding combination. As far as the two tables go. The two are not NOT comparable when it comes to performance. Your Dorian would be a good match for the Tecnoarm. I haven't much knowledge of the Minimax. Does it offer the ability to change the load resistance via capacitors? I use a Klyne stage that enables this adjustment. Until I got the proper loading where it should be. I wasn't getting the maximum performance out of my cartridge. There are some slick members here that helped me achive that. The end result was a much more musical and better sounding cartridge on my set up. Actually it was like having a completely different rig all together! If it were me in your situation. I would first research the proper loading issue first. You might be surprised as to your end result! And may not want to upgrade the table at this point. That's my thoughts in your situation ....