Michell Tecnodec or Rega P5

I'm feeling a bit of a bug for a new 'table. Any thoughts on these two (or perhaps a used P7)? The Tecnodec would probably be ordered with the stock [modified RB-200] arm, not the Tecnoarm.

My system is subject to change, so I'm trying to consider these on their own merit.

Listening preferences: Almost exclusively classical. Highest priorities are truth of instrumental timbre, lack of bloat in the lower regions, lack of brightness in the upper regions. Plausible soundstage. Good speed stability. If those things are right, I can probably put up with other shortcomings.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have to share.
I haven't heard the Technodec, but the Gyro is a great table for classical records (the bulk of my listening diet), easily satisfying all your criteria. Unless you are in the EU or can find a deal, I would suggest buying used. I see several Gyros being offered on the 'gon right now.
Rega P7.
i'll see your p7 and raise you....you win.