Michell Technoarm vs Origin Live Silver vs ???

I'm looking at a new tonearm to replace my old Audioquest PT6. The Michell Technoarm and Origin Live arms are always mentioned together, and seem similar in that they improve on the old Rega RB250 design.

So, any comparisons of the two?

Any comments on each of their improvements (sonically and technically)?

Any suggestions for a different arm upgrade at about the $1000 or so level?


PS: I have a custom made non-suspended turntable using VPI parts (motor and MK III platter and bearing) and a solid 1" Corian plinth.
The OL arms have slightly loosened bearings compared to the stock Rega. They work less well in tables that are designed to dissipate resonant energy through the platter and main bearing (e.g. Avids). In their country of origin (UK) they are much criticized for the quality of finish.

The Michells are highly regarded both for their finish and for sonic performance.

Even better though is the Expressimo modified RB250 (around $650) - the heavyweight mod delivers amazing bass extension and the Cardas re-wire is very pleasing. I have done the Twl hi-fi mod to mine (fishing weights epoxied to the bearing covers) and this adds extra refinement to the arm when matched with a low compliance cart like my Denon DL-103.

Chris Brady (Teres) reckons that the Expressimo is the best value arm at its price point.

Having said that, you get what you pay for and if you are prepared to spend more on, say a Moerch, you will enjoy more refinement and better resolution.

However the modified Regas are state of the art at their price point and very adaptable because they work with virtually any cart you might choose.
I recently imported a TecnoArm from Stone Audio in the UK (saved me around $300 over the best price I could find domestic...) and am astounded at the fit, finish, and performance of this arm.

It blows away the Rega RB 250, 300, 600, and 700's that I've run in prior years. I've got it mounted up on a Michell deck and it's BY FAR the most engaging arm I've ever run - simply amazing...
Slate1, the TecnoArm sounds very similar to the Brit Audio SE version mod of the RB250 and RB300 arms. Have you any opinion of these arms?
Michell techno weight and origin live structural weight...which is better
I've been looking at the counterweight issue for my RB300 lately and there seem to be quite a few options.
1) Michell Technoweight, including cart head weight adjustment
2) OL structural modification, mostly to replace the plastic stun of the RB250 with a metal one and add a different weight
3) Kerry F2 titanium counterweight. Its hole is off centre to lower the gravity point
4) Groovetracer counterweight , about same as above
5) Pebbles counterweight set (incl. stub)
6) Clearaudio Turboweight (I have already ordered this one for my RB300)
7) Expressimo counterweight (similar as above 3,4,6).

The prices range from 50 euros (Pebbles) to 170 Euros.
anyone here have the idea which one is better between michell techno weight and OL Strutural weight

I used to have an OL Silver, using it on my Teres 255 with Shelter 501Mk2 and now ZYX Airy 3xsb. I switched out the OL Silver for an AirTech MG-1 tonearm, and found the Airtech to be a significant upgrade - really no contest, based on my experience. The price of the Airtech went up, but still, it's possibly the best arm for the price. Because stytlus is tangental to the groove and because there is little or no friction, it seems like a great approach for so little money, especially because it's design is so close to Air Tangent, but at a tiny fraction of the price.
I think that you can't go wrong with either one at their price points. As a matter of fact price may be the determinating factor. If you could find either one in good shape, used at a good price, you have done very well.

Lately, new stock seems to be the only thing availible, which to me says that if used arms become availible, then they either go to someone they know or they sell very quickly. In other words - Highly Desireable!

Remember shopping is free - it's buying that can be expensive.

Enjoy your music!
I recently purchased an OL Silver for use with my new Zyx Bloom cartridge and was blown away by how much an upgrade this was. I can definitely recommend the OL Silver for high effective mass applications (such as the Zyx). I'm hoping to put together a short review in the coming weeks, for what that's worth. A basic sneak peek is that I took both arms (RB300 and the OL Silver) and both cartridges (Denon DL-103D and Zyx Bloom L) and tried the 4 different combinations and was most impressed by the difference the OL silver made, irrespective of cartridge. Now, again, the Zyx cartridge is phenominal, but that's a different discussion ;)
the audioquest PT9 with leopard wire for less than 1k new is great......ive campared it the all but the rega 900, and several vintage sme's and grace arms. it was better at capturing articulate bass, and the weight of a real piano than any rega. the most balanced of all with a great fullrange presentation.
PT6 Owners
You may want to replace or modify the counterweight on your PT6 so that it is non-resonant / not o-ring coupled to the stub i.e. Expressimo Heavy-weight or others to hear how much better this arm can sound...said to unmuddy & help clarify the sound...check out the Analog Forum "Strange Tonearm Tweak Long" for some good input that is primarily but not exclusively for the RB250 style tonearms with similar issues.
I also recently posted a query re: the OL Silver vs. the Technoarm (sorry, folks!).

How does the Audioquest PT-9 stack up against these arms? I would be mounting on a Linn LP-12.