Michell Prisma Table; worth the gamble?

I posted this on the Audio Asylum and I was looking for a bit more feedback.

Just one week ago today I bought a Clearaudio Emotion turntable and am very satisfied with it. But yesterday I was at my local record store and they sometimes buy tables from people who are selling off their entire collection. I noticed a new table in stock and knew right away that this was no ordinary '70s era mid-fi deck.

After enquiring I was told that it was a "Prisma" and the asking price is $300 Canadian. I went and searched online and found that this is in fact an early Michell table, a version of the Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference. From what I saw, it was the mkII version without the black subplatter but also without the glass platter; it appeared to have an arm similar to an SME 3009, though without a closer look I can't be sure.

Would this table be worthy of picking up for a test on my own system, even though I've just bought a new table? Would it be easy (or even fair) to buy it and resell it at a more fitting price, since this dealer obviously doesn't know the significance of what they have?

I tried to get the best of both worlds by encouraging some friends or my father to buy it; that way I wouldn't be ripping off the store just to make a buck, I'd get to hear the table regularly and I wouldn't have 2 tables when I only need 1. Sadly nobody is interested and that just leaves me to ponder if this offer is too good to pass up.
According to the Audiogon bluebook, the Prisma's used average price is $320 US. Assuming an exchange rate of $1 US = $0.73 Canadian, this translates into about $438 Canadian. So, yeah, $300 Canadian is potentially a good deal.

Only you can decide if it's worth it for your situation, though. (But if you'd like to donate it to me so that I could have a turntable, I wouldn't object. :) )

Thanks for the info; other people have told me that it would fetch considerably more than this so I'm not sure. In any case, I'm not able to find any confirmed sale of one to check out the price, even using eBay.
Dera Mark,
I have owned a Michell Prisma turntable from new, it was bought in early 1980 and has been in use daily since then.It still works perfectly , a tribute to the late John Michell's engineering. It has an aluminium sub platter with the glass platter resting on the six gold circular weights. This deck is the immediate forebear of the Gyro dek and was the replacement model for the Focus series of turntables. It is a rare machine and I have turned down offers in excess of £1000 ( $1800 ) for it. I would suggest you buy it have it seviced and do not sell it but take ownership of a finely engineered turntable, designed by a great man that is destined to become a classic collectors piece if it isnt already.It is also better than most? current turntables and looks stunning.( see pictures on the Michell website)You are correct in assuming the dealer is not aware of its true value. You may have a chance of buying that most rare of mythical beasts , a genuine bargain! Please e mail me if you require any help or further information.