Michell owners' help wanted Power supply or...

Does anyone tried to compare VC power supply upgrade for GyroDec or Gyro SE?

How can power supply physically act on turntable's sonic performance?

I can partially answer on my question with the one assumption:
-- Due to the higher quality parts used and more sophisticated engineering the DC output is flatter than in stock version giving a possibility to drive the motor more smooth. Thus the result should be lower noise floor and increase the cartridge tracking presicion giving the more natural sonics.

I have a new model Michell Gyro SE with stand-alone motor and stock power supply. I am appreciated for extra info especially if it's worth to spend ~$700+- extra for such upgrade or there are smarter analogue investments in this case such as upgrading to Orbe platter?
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I have an older Gyro that derives a huge benefit from my Inouye Line Conditioner, which was in the early days of Inouye & before Michells upgraded supply, very heavily promoted with respect to use with the Gyro. Without forking out $700 for the upgraded Michell supply, if you have the ability to try a few line conditioners (if you're not already using one) you might want to experiment with this first.
I have often wondered if the money would be better spent on a PS audio 300 power regenerator. Rather than purchase a power supply that copes better with ugly power, perhaps cleaning up the power to your current power supply will allow it to shine. This way you get the added benefit of providing some of your other components with clean power as well. Just a thought.