Michell Orbe Speed Control

I have Michell Orbe Turntable last 6 months.
I think my problem is about spped control. At the begining when I first press the start button over the motor
(green one) I heard like kind of frequency noise from the motor and after 3 seconds when its stabilized the turning cycle, it moved to dark silence.
But last four days I realised lack of upper frequencies and lack of dynamics. And I observed noise coming from the motor is continious.
My opinion is source of the lack of upper frequencies and lack of dynamics problem from the motor unit.
(green light above the speed control unit is continiously illuminate)
I need your kindly advises
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Other than the noise, can you feel any vibration from the motor housing? FWIW, I have a Hurst 300 rpm synchronous motor that is not attached to the plinth of my TT. My TT's performance increased when I plugged it into an Exact Power balanced transformer. The motor is silent, but wasn't all that noisy to begin with. So slight improvement there. I plugged it into the Exact Power unit out of convenience more than anything else. The improvement in clarity & sound stage was an unexpected plus.