Michell Orbe SE

Hello members owning or having listening experience with this turntable. I know it's an older design and doesn't therefore get any new press, but the older reviews are very positive and it seems to have all or most of the bases covered in terms of design elements and build quality. Is it still considered a good/great 'table? How does it compare to more recent offerings from SME, TW Acustic and Brinkmann?
Still a very good table; the modern massive tables have their advantages but disadvantages as well. They are very good at speed stability and deep bass but sometimes seem to me to lack the agility of the lighter, suspended tables. I would not hesitate to get the Michell if I liked it. Disclaimer, I was a dealer for them 20 years ago.
Still own the table w/ SME V and Shelter 901. Yeah, Michell tables don't get much press here in the U.S. That is for sure. Jon Michelle, sadly had also left us a few years back. When I first bought mine, I had some issue where the speed would change all of a sudden. I called the dealer, and the next morning, I got a call from England. It was the Man himself. He deduced that it was most likely static from walking across the carpet. He suggested that I touch the rack to dissipate statics before touching the table each time. And if the issue persists, just e-mail him and he would send me another power supply/motor to try. So for customer service, they get a five-star from me.

I worked in London for few months 4 years ago. The Michelle tables still get lots of press in UK magazines. The Orbe SE is still on their recommended lists. I agree with Stanwal's assessment as I have friends with Brinkman, TW Acustic, and Clearaudio. I have not heard the Avid Acutus to see how the two would compare. That would be a more comparable comparison. But as good as Orbe as, I'm sure many of the more updated suspension tables can sound better and have more speed stability. Though, Orbe only costs less than 1/2 of what these other tables are selling for. Maybe you can buy two more power supply/motors to add to an Orbe SE to create that speed stability.

I owned an AC Orbe SE for a decade and liked it a lot. It was lively with great air and HF extension and created a good, solid image. I finally moved on because of pitch stability. The newer DC Orbes allow for speed adjustment, or so I understand, which would make them better, IMO. I now have a Nantais Reference Lenco and a Clearaudio Innovation Wood and they're both far ahead of my old Orbe in speed and pitch stability, among other things.

Yeah, John Michell was a great guy. He called me here in the US a couple of times, too, to check on some issues I was having. A kind gentleman. RIP.
Orbe SE is still a great table, I owned Michell tables a few years ago, they are still popular in the UK. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either Orbe or Gyrodec. I now own a TW Acustic which you wondered about.
What are your impressions of TW Acustic in comparison to the Orbe SE? Was thinking about Avid Acutus as the next upgrade. Great reviews, but not much feedbacks from owners.

I had a Michell for many years gradually moving up the chain from a Gyro SE,to a Gyrodec and eventually to a modded Orbe. I used a variety of arms starting with a Rega 300 and then a RB 1000 and ending with a Triplanar.IMHO,the Michell is a truly special TT that is extremely finicky to set up (eg the gap between the felt washers and the bottom of the spring loaded chasis has to be 2mm). Properly set up the Orbe has a sense of air and finesse that I intially found wanting in the TT that replaced it :the TW AC 1. If you have the urge to upgrade, would strongly recommend that you demo the Raven or its more expensive sibling the TW AC 1.