Michell Orbe or VPI Scoutmaster, whats the diff?

I'm ready to buy a new or used turntable. I like the looks of both tables, but I'm not sure about the difference in sound. I like a wide open warm yet detailed sound. Can anyone give me some info?
both are dandy tables, but there are lots of used tables in their (used)price range that compete favorably. if you don't have a large record collection, or it will be a secondary source, they are both fine. if you are determined to grow a large collection of lps, i would also look at nottingham, linn, townshend, sota, thorens (old models only) oracle, yada yada, before purchasing. of the two (stock), the michell gets the nod, but its close.....the basic scout rarely satisfies a vinyl junkie for long...something vpi hopes will send you back for upgrades.
no affiliation, but there's a cherry yamaha pf1000 on ebay that is one of the classic direct drives. jeez it looks new
Thanks for the reponce, I heard the Linn, to mushy for me, I like a little more detail. It was a bit too warm. But I could live with it if i had too.