Michell ISO HR ...thoughts?

I've got a lead on a reasonably priced Michell ISO HR with the HERA PS... and coinicidentally am in the market to replace my current phono pre-amp.

Although I am generally aware of the ISO HR, I've had a hard time finding any reviews online, etc.

Anyone have any opinions or experience with this preamp?

BTW, my setup currently is:
- Michell Gyro SE
- Origin Live Siver Arm
- Benz Glider Medium(.8mv)

Lucky you! I had this phono for a couple of days before I handed this "loot" to my friend for who I've "stolen" it for $200 used.

I've compared it against my existing ARC PH3 phono preamp and found that it doesn't have such large bass extention as ARC but heck it was only just $200 and for that it amazed me with midrange(a-little less open than in PH3) clarity, 3d and superb dynamics making this unit let's say "less boaring" than Phonomena or Black Cube:-)


Plenty of gain(larger than in PH3)! I was able to hook it up with Lyra Helikon(.5mV) and passive preamp with no step-up trasformer(figures 60dB or larger)!!!

Bass stable, defined and fast but doesn't go too deep.
Trebbles are extended and a-little bright on some records.
Midrange and imaging is excellent.

Compeeting products:

Trichord Dino -->> bests probably only with adjustment possibilities not sure if sonically.
Phonomena -->> bests only with adjustement possibilities and compromises sonically.
Black Cube(Regular PS) -->> same as with Phonomena
EAR834P -->> bests sonically but more pricey.
OOPS! forgot to tell Phonomena including BPS.