Michell Gyrodec SE or VPI Scoutmaster?Own Rega P25

I currently own Rega 25/RB 600 combo.Plan to upgrade and reinstall RB 600 on a new table.Which one of these tables will be a substantial upgrade over Rega?My budget is 2K max.Looking for good midbass and lower midrange.Thanks in advance.
Both Great TT's, one goes the suspended route, the other mass dampening. I'm in the Vpi camp for good midbass and lower midrange, but I still oogle over the Gyro's! I honestly feel you could do no wrong with either. Some fellows swear by suspended tables only! However no matter what advice is given, you must hear both prior to a deaf online purchase. Good Luck, & let your own ears be the final judge!
Also, if the table is going on a concrete floor, like in a basement or one with a slab foundation, then non-suspendeds generally are ok. If are on a 2nd floor, suspensions are usually a little better.

These are general statements and don't apply to every situation.
You can't go wrong with either table, however, if you plan to go the VPI route, I would stick with their own excellent tonearms.

Fitting your RB600 on a Michell would be highly recommended...that's what I did! WARNING...if you do this, you may need spacers or a height adjustable spacer for an exact tonearm/cartridge mounting setup. This will depend on your choice of cartridge since the heights vary.

Have fun with your upgrade!