Michell Gyro SE upgrade to Orbe clamp?

I just bought and installed a Michell Orbe clamp upgrade to my Gyro SE. The instructions do not mention which way the acrylic finishing ring should be installed. It appears to have a flat side and a convex side. It fits over the knurled platter locking nut either way. So... should the finishing ring be used with the flat side up or the convex side up? Perhaps... flat side up for thick records and convex side up for thin ones?
Nevermind... I emailed Artech (U.S. distributor) and was told it should go concave side up with thin records and removed altogether for thick (180+ gram) records. Thanks anyway. By the way, Artech emailed me back with a concise, thorough answer within a few hours... impressive service!
I have the Orbe SE. Put some of that bluetak putty on the underside of the clamp. (I used the cheap white stuff from Walmart stationary section. $1 for a big blob) It will help dampen some of the vibration. Make sure you don't fill too much of it or it stick on the record label when you clamp down.

Let us know what you think about the Orbe clamp upgrade when an opinion is formed. I am tempted by this upgrade, as going from a screw-down Oracle clamp to the light Gyro clamp has been a downgrade in ergonomics (if nothing else?). While I would like to add the Orbe clamp, the price is a bit of a stumbling block!
I'll let you know what I think of the upgrade once I've spent some time with it. Yeah, it was kind of pricey considering the physical pieces that you get! But, the new spindle was very easy to install using a bench vise and everything I've read about the Orbe clamp is that it is far superior to the standard lower budget Michell clamp. We'll see...
I have an Orbe and always used the clamp but recently went back and compared w/o clamp. I was astounded by the sound w/o clamp. The sound stage really opened with more space/air between instruments. It was not a subtle difference. I also went back to experimenting with platter mats, finding them a big improvement. I had to go buy a Gyrodeck platter nut so I could use thicker mat.
I think the effectiveness of a clamp varies with the record. On some records, a clamp controls resonances and lowers noise. On other ones, it overdamps.

Just my 'pinion based on limited personal experience.
From my experiences, if you push/tighten it really tight, it will kill the soundstage and overdamp the sound. Most people tighten it till no tomorrow. You will lose detail and it will kill the soundstage. Try very lightly tightening it. You might prefer it that way.

There are many good atermarket clamps available which will really improve the sound.
Rockinrobin - what do you think of the clamp so far? I see you're talking about changing tables, should I take that to mean that you're not overly impressed with the clamp?
I like the clamp. It is easier to use than the stock Gyro SE clamp. I find, like others, that it sounds best with the record clamped lightly, so that it is just barely flattened on the platter (i.e. not "he-man" tight). I am generally satisfied with the Gyro after this upgrade, but I am simply curious as to what will take me to the next level with my vinyl source. Will it be a whole new turntable, or a new tonearm, or a new cartridge, or what? I have a new high quality phono stage (Modwright), so that is not an option I am considering.
Would be good to know which arm and cartridge you are using. I am currently using SME V and Shelter 901. On my way to Japan/Taiwan next week. Will be keeping my eyes open for some cartridges...