Michell Gyro Mk II AC or DC?


I have recently purchased a new Michell Gyro SE. I know that the Pabst AC motor that they used to use has now been replaced by a DC motor from another manufacturer. Does anyone know how to identify which motor is which by sight? I was thinking of getting a PLC that works with AC synchronous motors -- obviously a bad idea if I have the newer DC motor. Thanks in advance for any help.

Also, I have heard of a clear aftermarket belt for this 'table does anyone know who makes it or where it can be purchased?
hello, I have the Gyro SE and I would think that the AC motor would plug directly into the wall and the DC motor has a transformer or something that plugs into the wall before the motor. I will follow this post as I am interested in doing some upgrading and not necessarily with the QC that michell offers.
Par3nl, mine does have a transformer-like box before the motor -- so I may have the DC motor. I also corresponded with Werner Ogliers(?) at Michell and he says the DC version lacks a lockring under the pulley. Mine doesn't seem to have one so that would fit. He also said he would speak to John Michell about developing a variable DC voltage supply to accommodate 33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds, which seems intriguing.
Just wanted to mention that when Oracle went from I to II , they also went from an AC motor to a DC motor. I thought that, among other things, it was a step backwards(they have gone back to an AC motor-which makes me think about upgrading to MK5).
Has anyone upgraded from the AC to the DC? Its costs about $500. Wondering how much difference it makes. Then for about another $1,000 it can be upgraded to the "never-connected' circuit or for $2,000 can be upgraded to the Orbe model. I have the Orbe platter already. At some point, you are better off buying a new turntable!
Slingshot. I had my eye set on the Gyro SE from the start. I had done all the research, and was ready to take the plunge. I was actually this close from buying the demo from the dealer. Unfortunately, by the time I got the message and called the dealer back, someone had beat me to it by 1/2 hour.

I had looked at all the upgrades that were available to the Gyro. And you are right, it gets expensive! At the end, I realized that it would end up costing me as much as buying an Orbe SE, so I ended up just buying the Orbe SE with the DC motor. On top of that, I got the SME V arm too. I've been happy with the setup and never got the urge to upgrade.

I recently upgraded to the DC "never connect" HR DC supply from Michell and a new DC Motor.There is a difference in the sound but not what I would suggest as grossly significant.More smoothing out of the high end.I am awaiting delivery of a Bluenote Bellaria the deck is the GYRO Se withe deep platter and the damping material stuck to the underside of the platter.The HR Supply is about five inches long x two and a half incmes wide and one and a half inches deep.with a On/Off switch on the left hand side.My colleague has a DC supply (Michell) which is a black box approx two x two inches.Hope this is of some help.
I have a stock Gyro SE DC Motor. So is this "upgrade" a new motor and power supply??? Does it come with new belts???

My unit is a plug into a transformer which is 5x2x2 and then a 4 foot cable up to the motor (a disconnecting cable coupler is in between motor and xformer).