Micheal Green Rack Justarack

I am thinking about grabbing this rack but haven't seen it on here or can't find any information on it. Is it a nice rack?

What was the retail price on this rack? It has 5 shelves on the one I'm looking at and all adjustable.

Any info would be awesome.
If I can recall the rack was around 300 to 400 bucks and had large shelves. It was adjusted with the use of nuts on tread ed rods. It wasn't the prettiest thing on the market but it was stable and because of its large shelves it could compliment large amps and turntables.
I have two of them, and I've had them for years. They have 4 3/4" threaded rods that support 1.5" thick MDF shelves with some nice brass nuts. Simple, but solid and built like a tank. They are able to support extremely heavy items without problems.

I'm not sure what the retail price of them is/was, though.

I have a five shelf version as well. There was a basic version and a deluxe version. The deluxe version has the 1.5 inch thick MDF shelves which is what mine is. The standard version rack had 1.0 inch shelves I think. There were also optional heavy duty brass spiked feet. The rack is very solid and the infinite spacing for the shelves is a big plus. I would characterize it as a good sounding rack, not the best but well above entry level. It is a better sounding rack than the Polycrystal unit I have. I got suckered by the magazine reviews on that one. I don't recall the price either but I would guess mine came in around 600.00-700.00. Overall, I would recommend it.
I currently have a Deluxe JustaRack and have owned the regular version

as others have said, the deluxe has the thicker rounded shelves, each shelve is very heavy, the rods are thicker in the deluxe.

I think my basic rack had 3/4 inch shelves and were sort of squared/rectangled on the edges.

the deluxe is a very good rack, i beleive a 5 shelf version used to sell for $600

if you are looking at the standard one, it would be a fair choice for a basic system, and you could do much better, but if it is the Deluxe one, in my opinion, it would be harder to do much better at its price point
I believe everybody has stated the benefits quite well so I have nothing to add beyond I own two deluxe /one a 4 the other a 5 and have had them for 10 years or more. As the components come and go the adjustability is a god-send.
I had one of these some time back. Sound is a little over damped and dark. Replace all the steel hardware with all brass for a nice upgrade in dynamics, stage size and focus.Tom