Michael Greene M5 monitors' adjustment

Purchased a used pair of what I believe to be Michael Greene M5 monitors (going by photos of past audio shows) with the tunable cabinets. No info came with the speaks. Obviously, one tightens or loosens with an Allen wrench the tunable discs, But what results are to be obtained? Thanks in advance for info.
i own his Chameleon Speakers. The way to look at is best described with common sense----the tighter the disc, expect more taut bass, pinpoint high frequency images---loosen them, expect more body, fuller, but at the expense of less focused soundstage

From what I learned, from a person who spent considerable time becoming familiar with the speakers is to go from a fairly tight tune, do not over-tighten tho-----listen, then eventually loosen them by small fractions and listen----somewhere between Tight---onwards you will get the sound which sounds best to you and within your system.

the prior owner of mine, had even put a removable sticker with incremental lines to make things easier to reference-

I have a few more bolts on my speaker, but have found I like to keep the top ones tighter, (tweeter range)---the middle ones on the tighter side---and the lower ones (bass) the loosest

hope this helps

Thanks for response and info. Doug