Michael Green Sound Shutters

Anyone besides me using Michael Green Sound Shutters? I currently have 4 of them and have 12 more on the way. I have been experimenting by placing them around the room. It is amazing how much improvement you can make by just controlling the sound in your room instead of dampening. The shutters do a great job of controlling the sound without sucking any of the life out of it as happens all to frequently with dampening type products?

Would like to hear from anyone else who is using them.
Hey Tom, curious how you mount these, sounds like you've been moving them around a bit and having some success.
I've got 16 shutters in my 12x13 bedroom stereo system with Quad ESLs, driven by VTL Tiny Tots with a JVC 1015 TN at the front end clamped in a Michael Green JustaRack with a Adcom 555 preamp. I've got 10 Michael Green Pressure Zone Controllers in the corners and midpoint front and rear.

The sound shutters have taken my sound from so,so to wow. Harmonics, sound stage size and bass clarity are all greatly increased.

Mark H