Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet

I'm not sure who I can trust anymore.....




I had an email exchange with him years ago in which he told me of his dislike of VPI tonearms (they were all aluminum tube unipivots at the time). He mentioned that he had shared his feelings with Harry Weisfeld. I replied by asking why he didn’t share this opinion with his readers. Never heard from him again. 

The most arrogant and overrated reviewer I've ever read. His reviews were always vague and super generic. I could never understand why they give so much importance to him. There are other reviewers whose analyzes are much more accurate and enlightening.


I’m not sure who I can trust anymore.....

don't cryyy.... just trust your ears, you don’t need heroes, gurus and Hamelin pied piper to entrust your dreams to in this hobby


Fremer's reviews are for the most part academic; who can afford the products he focuses on?! But he also keeps those interested in LP's abreast of developments in the art and science of phono-related products, some of them even affordable. From Fremer I have learned of many products no one else has brought to my attention, including LP maintenance products and tone arm & turntable accessories. And then there is all his writings on the subject of cartridge design, impedance loading, and cartridge alignment, azimuth, SRA, etc. matters. There is none of us who can't be faulted in one way or another, but geez, give credit where credit is due.

Fremer has a massive record collection, and has been instrumental in getting some long out-of-print and very expensive LP's repressed. Chad Kassem of Analogue Productions has a close relationship with Mike, as do some turntable/tonearm/cartridge designers and manufacturers (beginning with Harry Weisfeld of VPI).

Fremer's departure from Stereophile may be a fatal one for the old girl, I fear (of course, I thought the same when J. Gordon Hold and Dick Olsher left ;-). I hope his new endeavors prove sustainable. Wouldn't it be great if he put The Tracking Angle back into print production?! 


@bdp24 Spot on. Some here dislike a person over one trivial human flaw. Or even choose to hate a person over reviewing luxury good. It's pretty nauseating to have to see how arrogant and self involved some are. Fremer has done great stuff for the industry and has added more than he has taken. He should be respected and appreciated even if you don't like how the one time you had an interaction with him he hurt your feelings.