Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet

I'm not sure who I can trust anymore.....





I got into vinyl coz of djing in the 90’s and it being the cheapest format. How times change as dj’s use digital and vinyl is costly. The only reviewer I knew of was Alvin Gold. 
I agree with u BTW

Whether you can trust him or not he's certainly an interesting fellow.

I enjoyed his vinyl rips posted online at analogue planet radio and his interview with Siegfried Linkwitz was pretty special too.





Michael is one of the very few reviewers who actually gives true insight into the sound of a product. He is not afraid to point out strengths and weaknesses. With Michael--not every piece of gear is the best ever. I will follow him at Absolute Sound but I do wish they conducted measurements.

Mikey is great but I am just going to stick with Stereophile.  I just cannot follow someone who espouses 'high end' cables.