Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet

I'm not sure who I can trust anymore.....




If people like Michael Fremer then who cares where he goes so long as he's on this side of the grass.

@frogman his quirky personality and how he speaks his truth is why I've enjoyed him so much. Plus he's hilarious. There are so many sticks in the mud in audio and all this weird classism over products +$100k, I've always gravitated to the guy. Sure he's got expensive equipment, but he's really one of the few who's worked his life in audio and has done well so why shouldn't he have the best he can afford? 

Don't cry too much for Mikey, Audiophiles! I wonder how much of this move was his decision, as opposed to Stereophile suggesting he take a hike. He and Stereophile took a lot of heat after that article he published about the Onzow Zero Dust Stylus Cleaner several months ago. That was arguably a real half-ass hatchet job of journalism or reporting, as it were. I wonder if Onzow and some of the other goop-type stylus cleaners may have threatened to sue him and Stereophile.

Just to clarify the timeline, I suspect that you know Michael’s writing all started after he was the sound design supervisor for TRON in 1982 – he was responsible for the finished soundtrack, consisting of music and sound effects. He first showed up on the TAS masthead in the Sept/Oct 1986 - Vol. 11/Issue 43, as a Correspondent (LA). The next issue, Nov/Dec 1986 - Vol. 11/Issue 44, he was listed at the Popular Music Editor, right up until the Dec. 1994 - Vol. 19/Issue 100, where he was listed as Senior Editor (Popular Music). Come the next issue Vol. 20/Issue 101 – no Mikey. He didn’t show up on the Stereophile masthead until July 1995, Vol. 18/Issue 7, where he was listed as a Contributing Editor (Hardware), where he has been ever since. (Yes, I have just about every issue of each magazine! 😉). Now, he’s headed back to TAS... You just can’t make this stuff up...