Miami, FL audio repair?

Does anyone know of a good repair tech in Miami? The system is an Audio Aero Cap/Plinius amp/Joseph Audio speakers. Would like to have someone local that can troubleshoot problems as/if they arise...thx
MOst likely, if you have problems it will be the Capitole. I would not trust it in anyones hands except an authorized repair shop. Buy a backup player to hold you over should that happen
Hello Avantgarde,

I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area and I've been using a company called Stereo Fixers in Boca Raton.
Of course they're a bit of a drive from Miami but he may do a service call in Dade.
They recently fixed a capacitor problem with my Manley Stingray.
Good people I've been using for years.
Ask for Tong.
Good Luck!