MHZS CD88G and Ming-Da MC100 CD players

I own a MHZS CD88F CD player (unmodded, only upgraded with an AirSine power cord and Mazda AUX7 tubes).
I recently saw Meixing Ming-Da MC100 CD player on their web-site, which looks surprisingly similar to the MHZS CD88G CD player. It appears that it's the same player!

I am curious whether these players are made in the same factory or, maybe, MHZS ceased to exist and their CD players are made in the Mind-Da factory? Or, maybe, Meixing purchased MHZS? If it is so, the Ming-Da may have better parts than the MHZS player.

I know that the MC 100 CD player uses the same tubes as the MHZS CD 88G - two 12AX7 tubes, one 6Z4 rectifier and one WY2 voltage stabilizer.

I will appreciate any comments and explanations.