MHZS CD player

Does anybody know where the MHZS CD player is manufactured in China? As far as I understand, the company's name in the US is Pacific Valve. In China, it is manufactured in Guangdong province. Who knows the company's (manufacturer's) name? Any opinions on this CD player?
i see no one has responded to your thread. i don't own , but i do have a buddy who deals with pacific valve. he has bought an amp and a dac from them and he is very knowledgeable of product and sound. in fact , he may have a better ear and more knowledge than me and i have been around and listened to a lot of equipment. he likes pacific valve, he thinks they are music lovers and are engineers too and that is not always the case.....he like there product, he claims the product is well built and the communications he gets from them is in saying that, i have listened to his amp and have seen his product and like it alot....he has a ming da intergrated amp and one of their dac...hope this may , i am not pacific valve nor do i represent them in anyway....we happen to find the site together and i just don't need anymore equipment at this time,but would not hesitate to order from them..dwhitt
I am ordering a Dared amplifier from China and I consider buying a Pacific Valve CDP from China as well, but I cannot find their source/manufacturer in China.
I've owned one. It's a top loader with a window where you can see the tubes which are backlit by a blue LED. When I think back on it, now I probably should have kept it, but I was in a Transport frenzy at the time and wanted to try one of everything. As far as mods go, short of rolling tubes and upgrading the power cord, there wasn't much in the way of forum threads at the time so I didn't go any further. MHZS is a product out of Hong Kong built in the same factory as Original,Yaqin, Markhill, Grant Audio, Consonance, Prima Luna, Vincent and a few others. It's good stuff!

Reflecting back it had great sound and upsampling on the remote that could be switched on the fly. It also had balanced and single ended outputs. The remote could be used as a weapon too...very heavy and black to match the player. From this player I went on to sample the products from Original like the 2008 and the Leonardo. It's a great player for the money though (MHZS CD66 and CD88) and loaded with features. But it was a hard sell amongst the sea of Krell, CEC and some of the others you could have used in the same price range as a CD66 new. Hopes this helps.
I have been using a CD88 for about six months and have had no
problems at all. I did a little tube rolling and put a good
power cord on it. It is a great player. I can see no reason
to spend anymore for that hunt for better digital.

Don't take this as rude, but - why do you care? It's a Chinese-made CD player. Why do you need to know the specific source? If you really need to know, I guess Pacific Valve can tell you. I haven't heard the MHZS players, but they are highly reviewed. I have owned the Doge6 and it is a great player. If you can swing the money, that's the way to go,IMO.

MHZS was highly criticized for using a cheap BB dac and claiming it used some super high-end thing. Keep in mind that the person who "outed them" still said the player had high build quality and sounded great.
Owned both a 33 and 88. Very stout players, some of the heaviest i've had. The 33 was great with rock -- forward, rhythmic, good bass. Nice soundstage. The 88 was more refined and tube rectified. but can't remember much more. I didn't like the buttons on the 88 -- they stuck. Pac Valve (Joe is whom you'll talk to) seemed to be on it. Never an email unanswered or a phone call not taken (even on Saturday!)

I started with them as their stuff was cheaper then equivalent -- not bad, but I sort of graduated from Chi-Fi. May revisit at another day, who knows. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with them again. If you're thinking of buying one they are very good players for the $. But you probably won't resell them for near what you paid for them. See if they have any demo gear, I bought my 88 this way and it was ~$200 cheaper.
Regarding Chayro's post, there's a lot of info out there in Google land concerning cheap parts in the MHZS and touted as something more. I recall someone named Lampizator (a European audio modder) who took apart some MHZS players and 'exposed' them. Still, and you'll find this also, the proof is in the sound, and they sounded fine.
It's not just the cheap dac, the caps used in it are fake as is the transport which is not a sony as claimed.
Yes, Lampizator - it was an interesting article, as after he tore apart the company for the misleading info, which was justified, he described the sound as "10 out of 10 for people who don't know better". Despite the left-handed nature of the compliment, that sounds like high praise from someone trying to portray a product as fraudulent. It must sound pretty f'ing good.
Despite the left-handed nature of the compliment, that sounds like high praise from someone trying to portray a product as fraudulent. It must sound pretty f'ing good.

It did (the 88). The nice thing about buying from Pac Valve is the service aspect down the road. It seems that their products have a pretty good track record. They don't strike me as trying to make a fast buck off cheap products.