MHI Evidence Speaker???

Has anyone had experience with this speaker?

Thank you and Happy Holidays

have a pair breaking in now, and so far my experience mirrors that of the review. bi-wiring has a positive effect. took a chance and bought based upon the review, as there are no dealers anywhere near me. pleasantly surprised, as i had long contemplated a $1k pair of HQ mini monitors and ended up finding a pair for well below that.
I recently purchased a pair of these little giants to replace a stacked pair of Sequeerra Met 7s.These speakers have incredible clarity.Imaging is crisp, instruments are presented with depth.Bass is amazing for a box of this size,even without a sub.Right now I am using them in an all solid state system but I will soon be using them with tubes.My room is 15'x12' and with an inexpensive 8" sub to flesh out the bottom,Sonny Rollins has never sounded better to these ears.In a modest $3k system these have to be among the best values in hifi.