MHDT Pagoda, anybody has listened to it?

I have been reading lately some great reviews about MDHT in general and specifically about their latest and greatest the pagoda DAC.
Its main features are an r2r design using the  PCM1704 chip and a tube buffer stage (usually used in much more expensive designs).
This DAC is sold direct from MHDT at ~1,200$.

Any Ideas, thank you.
I replaced a Maverick Audio D2 with a Pagoda because the Pagoda provides more modification options. However, I highly recommend the D2 DAC because it provides a fun 3D soundstage at a good price specially when you upgrade the output coupling caps.

OEM parts are not worth keeping in your component once you have become accustomed to hearing awesome improvements from DIY mods such as capacitor and resistor upgrades. The padoga is quite expensive compared to the D2 and yet the Pagoda uses mediocre film caps. I upgraded the output coupling caps to 1uf Sonicap Platinum teflon caps. The small .1uf caps were upgraded to .047uf Jupiter HT and .1uf Relcap TFT teflon caps. I also upgraded 3 pairs of resistors. The fuse was also upgraded to SR Black.

Future mods will include Furutech rhodium RCA output jacks and Oyaide or Furutech IEC inlet. 
What differences in sound have you heard with the mods?
Everything improves: from the sound stage/imaging to tonality. I recommend the use of a pair of 1uf Jupiter HT caps for the output coupling caps. I am currently using a pair of 1uf Sonicap Platinum Teflon caps. Both pairs of caps are great.