Interested in hearing about tube rolling experiences with the Orchid and other MHDT dacs, namely, the specific comparative sonic characteristics of the various 396a, 5670 and other compatible tubes used in the output buffer. My only experience is with the WE396a that Linear Tube Audio installed in my new Orchid.

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Since I installed a 6922 adapter (from Garage 1217), I tried various flavors of the 6dj8/6922/7308 family. Hence, I'm selling my NOS 396a tubes, including WE JW396a, Tung Sol, GE and the rare 1970 Tesla Military pinched-waist flavors.
Ok, interesting information. I have tried many different flavors of 5670 tube, some obviosly better than others, however, I will never go back to that tube after adapting the socket to emply the 6922. What a glorious difference that made in every respect compared to the stock tubes.
But not just any 6922. The early Siemens is sublime.
Best 5670 to 6922 tube adapter is made by Garage 1217 (  Superior to every other adapter that I have seen. However, please note: the pin holes are tight and therefore the tube pins must be straight in order to facilitate placement. 
gelle... Siemens made valves are from German and the European 6922 (American designation) equivalent is the e88cc. Many tube dealers, such as Brent Jessee, carry them. Top of the Siemens line is the CCa, followed by the e188cc (American 7308), the e88cc and the ecc88. Does that answer your question?
PS, Generally speaking, the earlier production Siemens valves -- like many other brands -- are superior to the later production.
gelle... other dealers will have the Siemens tubes and they regularly come up on Ebay. "Farawayfinds" on Ebay has an excellent selection from the 6922 family. I have the Orchid as well and all the flavors of 6922 fit comfortably with a pin adapter. The Garage17 adapter is highly recommended.
gelle... I have several NOS Siemens e88cc for sale. PM me if you're interested.
Waterclocker, I bought my Orchid from Linear Tube Audio. They supply and install a WE396a at no extra cost.
213cobra... Interesting post. I own the new MHDT Orchid and am currently using a Western Electric 396a. Do you know if a 5670/396a to 6922/6DJ8 tube socket adapter requires any circuit alterations in the Orchid? Petrhaps a question for MHDT. 
Anyone have a link to a high quality 5670 to 6922 adapter?
The Orchid takes 5670 tubes. The adapter needs to convert 5670 pin configuration to 6922 pin configuration. What I am looking for a HIGH QUALITY pin adapter, not just any old adapter, that is, one with quality components and construction. I am aware of the adapters cited. In other words, what I am hoping for is feedback on adapter quality. Perhaps the ones cited fit the bill, I just don't know. In general, there is a lot of junk out there.