MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?

I’m considering one of these. Please share your thoughts, especially if you’ve heard them. I will be streaming 70% and CD’s 30%

Jazz, R&B and classical in that order are my listening habits.

My room is 20x30 and very nice acoustics.

Current system:
Dali Epicon 8, Luxman 509X, PS Audio NuWave DSD, Cambridge CXC, Shunyata interconnects & Nordost speaker cable

Thank you!!!

Certainly possible, although I also felt that the two dacs sounded very different from one another. Obviously Lampizator thinks you can get a pretty good idea of what the Amber offers within 7 days. And as Bill pointed out, everyone's impression is so totally system dependent.  If there were one single best answer, this forum wouldn't even exist.
Chris, you are absolutely correct in observing that implementation is key.  Also, there is never going to be a single DAC that is unequivocally better in every attribute.  It is enough for most of us that it checks most of our personal boxes, and mates well within the context of our systems.  In my case, my ModWright Sony lacks only in one respect, that being how it handles complex musical passages.   Tonal correctness, imaging, vocal articulation, air, liquidity, dynamics, virtually every other attribute that I value, is very satisfactory.    Hence, any DAC that becomes congested when asked to process a Mahler full orchestral onslaught is not going to find a home here.  The AM that you are keeping is still a serious contender for a mid to late 2020 purchase.  So anything that you can offer in that respect would be extremely useful information. 
I never attributed the notion of "congestion" to how a DAC chip or a DAC in general affects the sound. For me, I always felt (or thought) the speakers were the limiting factor when playing complex orchestral passages, particularly loud transients. The partnering amplifier also plays a key role but the exhibited shortcoming is more of a harshness and edge rather than congestion. Same with DACs, some are fluid and musical and some are dry and boring. 
My experience is a good preamp sorts out complex passages, I run a CEC transport and TRL 6SN7, works for me.

As Chord DAC user I have a question:
Does anybody compared  MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3 to any of
Chord DACs Qutest, Hugo2, Hugo 2 TT?