MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?

I’m considering one of these. Please share your thoughts, especially if you’ve heard them. I will be streaming 70% and CD’s 30%

Jazz, R&B and classical in that order are my listening habits.

My room is 20x30 and very nice acoustics.

Current system:
Dali Epicon 8, Luxman 509X, PS Audio NuWave DSD, Cambridge CXC, Shunyata interconnects & Nordost speaker cable

Thank you!!!

I take it when you get the volume control on the Amber, then you get a remote and input switching? 

What is the price for that option?

And lamp. does not do i2s inputs, right (that's one factor that pushed me towards the audio mirror)? 
I would just like to add my thanks to all you gentlemen for the most excellent sharing of curiosity and experience in this very informative thread.  
I’ve had this little Orchid DAC for a few months now and simply love it.  It sounds so nice and sweet - almost as good as my record player.  Almost....
I’ve been dreading shopping in the minefield of new DACs but this discussion has provided me with needed direction, and I thank you guys for that!  Hope the stateside Lampi team will be participating in the Florida Audio Expo In Feb......
No need to change out the chip in the Orchid. Folks who have and then compared to a fully burned in stock chip now say the stock chip is great.
Output caps can be Jupiter copper foil, Miflex 1uf, Audience XO or the new Vcap ODAM

The Western Electric tube is a must do upgrade. A good fuse helps.
The resistors around the tube can be upgraded to the Vishay Zfoil with great results. Contact me for values if interested and serious about doing the upgrade. Need to be skilled at mods and  working on the circuit board.

There are so many dacs available that as soon as one is determined
as Best by one reviewer, another new model is out by someone else
and you are back to paying freight on a yet another trial. 
Our club did a 10 DAC shootout last August. The top 5 were
so close it was often difficult to perceive a difference. 
You can read results on No one mentioned
the new Line Magnetic DAC. Probably because you can't really
get one too easily. Local Dealer here has had 4 since May. It 
won in our test. But several others were quite close.