MHDT Orchid or Denafrips Ares?

Anyone compared the MHDT Orchid with the Denafrips Ares? There are reviews of each individually but no head to head comparisons.
Would love to know this as well 
I heard both of this unit, if you prefer tubes the orchid is the way to go . I own denafrips Ares  I feel  is as good as orchid only it’s a solid state.i feel the orchid has 3D and more refine, but the Ares has more slam and quicker, Vocal even, Iam using viva tube amp 300B,audio research preamp and Yamaha sacd transport,where I heard the orchid at Teajay house he uses Threshold ss amp, and a very good transport, I forgot to his preamp I assume it’s a good tube preamp.either one you can’t go wrong.But if you like tubes and have the budget, I go for the me the Ares did compete with their terminator, when I heard them both at Axpona.Good luck...
David ten  told me there is new Ares II that came our too.
Besides writing a rave review on the Orchid, for details see the Six, I have now received over six Emails from individuals who purchased the Orchid because of the review and find it superlative in their systems.

I have had in-house three very highly regarded DACS, all much more expensive then the MHDT piece, that were quite good, and all did not use a tube in the analog conversation section.

As Jayctoy stated it's really a matter of personal taste and system synergy.  In my system the Orchard offers beautiful tonality, 3D imaging, and great layered sound-staging.  All the solid state DACS sound slightly washed out and flatter to me in my system.  Do they offer more micro-details?  Maybe, but I don't enjoy the music as much.

Finally, if you figure in the price and you can audition the DAC for 30 days, I would suggest you audition one before you spend more money.