MHDT or Border Patrol

I've been switching between a DACmagic Pus with an LPS, and a Schiit Modi Multibit DACs and while the sound is decent/acceptable I would like to "upgrade" to a non-OS tube DAC just to see if it adds more body and texture to the music without losing detail. Has anyone had a chance to compare the MHDT and Border Patrol DACs and can comment on their sound quality?  I have Bluesound Node2 feeding the DAC, into an upgraded Aric Audio tube preamp, McIntosh MC2200, and Vandersteen 2Ci speakers. I'm actually looking for more texture in the low/high treble and mid/low bass. Aric's preamp gives plenty of body/texture in the midrange spectrum.
Thanks in advance.  
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"Orchid DAC is capable of up to 24bits/192kHz digital signal inputs yet remains driving legendary TDA1541A R-2R digital to analog output"

Technically, TDA1541A is a 16-bit chip so while the DAC "accepts" 24/192 input the output is probably limited to 16/44.1. Nonetheless, per decoony above, it obviously still sounds great taking in higher resolution Tidal HiFi sourced content.
Found this. Good comparison chart for MHDT DACs. Note the output specs.
Nice find @kalali . Curious to know if you’re any closer to a decision.
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